Accessibility features

We offer the following accessibility features on our site:

  • a site search function
  • a comprehensive sitemap
  • resizable text
  • a 'skip to content' link to help screen reader and keyboard users bypass repeated navigation links

Accessibility and usability

Our website meets all the requirements of the WCAG 1.0 AA guidelines. As the site grows over time, we will endeavour to uphold the spirit and best practice of the WCAG guidelines, recognising that web technology is changing rapidly. Our main objective is to create a site which is accessible and usable in practice.

We have provided clear and consistent navigation and a 'breadcrumb trail' to assist orientation within the site. There are also section summaries on the home page and on the introductory page of each area to guide you through the site.

Site code

The site has been built to comply with standards XHTML and CSS2. The code has been checked for accessibility using a range of automated and (more significantly) manual checks.


We welcome feedback on the Accessibility and usability of our website. If you have had any problems or any issues while using our site, please let us know. Email, phone and address details are on our contact us page.